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Why JetpatcherTM ?

Jetpatcher Corporation Ltd. is an established company that has been manufacturing and developing JetpatcherTM units using the Jetpatching process for over 30 years. Initially formed in New Zealand in 1985, and with ongoing development since then, the company now has supplied over 650 units worldwide and has Jetpatcher units in many areas including the United Kingdom, Mexico, USA, South Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia.

We are an honest, reliable and well reputed company that will work with you during the ordering process to ensure the correct machine type and specifications, will keep you informed during the construction and delivery process and are always available for after sales support and service if needed.

We can offer you a superior road maintenance machine that is reliable, cost effective, is well proven and produces high quality, long lasting repairs.

Please contact us for details of local distributors.


How does JetpatcherTM machinery work?

JetpatcherTM machines use high velocity air to prepare the area of the defect and to deliver emulsion and aggregate to seal, fill and compact the repair. This results in a quality repair that takes very little time, avoids further damage to the road base and at a more economical cost than conventional repairs.

JetpatcherTM is the only machinery that utilizes a specialized distributor system which allows JetpatcherTM to provide high production rates with little wear as there are no moving parts. This eliminates costly time and maintenance costs for the operators.


What type of machine?

We have the 2500 series (truck mounted) and the 1000 series (truck or trailer mounted). The type of unit required will depend on the work area (ie suburban, urban or rural), the distance from the depot to work sites and local regulations. Please see our product range for more information or contact us and we can discuss your requirements.


How is the Equipment supplied?

The equipment is supplied partially assembled ready to install to your truck cab/chassis. We can provide, or arrange for, an approved installer to be present to supervise installation and provide operator training. Costs on application.

We provide a technical advisory supervisor for materials and methods. A full 12 month warranty is provided on equipment (fair wear and tear excepted). The company maintains a full inventory of spare parts.


What are the options available on the Jetpatcher Units?

Air assisted first arm: A power operated hose carrier arm to make maneuvering and fixing of arm position more efficient. Beneficial if working in hilly terrain.

110/220V overnight heating: Overnight heating of pre-filled emulsion tanks on the Jetpatcher is recommended where depot storage tanks for emulsion tanks are not heated and nightime temperatures fall below 15oC.

Split hopper: The large hopper holds the aggregate, and a smaller hopper holds sand for binding the surface so as to leave less loose aggregate. This is operated with a remote control from the nozzle.

Remote hydraulic outlet: This option provides a remote hydraulic outlet for tools – eg rock breakers, hammers.

Remote camera with LCD monitor: A camera is fitted to the rear of the unit and the monitor is fitted in the cab of the truck to allow the driver to monitor the operator and rear of the truck.

Spreader box: This option includes a full truck- width spray bar and spreader box with roller discharge and hydraulic side shift and will lay an even single layer of aggregate in 600mm increments, up to 2.4 metres wide. It is available to be fitted with standard larger JetpatcherTM 2500 Series units ie 5m3 and above in size. This option can only be ordered with a new machine and cannot be fitted to existing units.

More Questions?

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