Jetpatcher™ uses a simple four stage process.

The trouble area is cleaned and prepared, sealed, filled, cured and ready for traffic in one smooth operation.  Repairs are made using rapid set emulsion resulting in long lasting repairs. The emulsion is safer for operators to work with more environmentally friendly.  Experience minimum traffic delays with most repairs complete in under 15 minutes.  Repairs are ready to be driven over very soon after they have been made.


Stage One Using the high volume, low pressure blower the Jetpatcher™ easily blows all loose debris from the pot hole, cleaning it and preparing the hole for an effective patch.

Stage Two The Jetpatcher™ now coats the pot hole with an asphalt emulsion which seals the pot-hole and prevents further damage from occuring due to moisture.

Stage Three Aggregate is introduced into the pot hole.  Using the Jetpatcher™ process, the aggregate is mixed with the asphalt emulsion and blown in to the pot-hole at high velocity.

Stage Four The final stage of the Jetpatcher™ process.  After the pot hole has been effectively sealed and filled, a light layer of dry aggregate is applied to the patch, preventing the patch from adhering to car tires prior to the emulsion fully curing.  The patch is now ready for traffic.