Product Range

The JetpatcherTM Road Repair Machines come in a range of sizes from 2 to 8 cubic metre capacity.

Jetpatcher Corporation Ltd is constantly reviewing the performance JetpatcherTM machines and developing innovative solutions to meet customer requirements. All units use the jet delivery system with no moving parts and minimal maintenance.

Delivery rate for each type of unit is a minimum of 2.4m³ per hour.

Standard components for JetpatcherTM include:

  • Hopper
  • Emulsion tank
  • Pressurised tanks for water and kerosene
  • High volume air blower for aggregate flow
  • Easily accessible controls
  • Patented aggregate feed system
  • Auxiliary engine
  • Placement boom / delivery hose with jet distributor unit
  • Low noise enclosures and air flow silencing
  • Standard units complete with sign rack, toolbox, rear step, mudguards

Series 1000 – truck and trailer mounted units, 2 to 5 cubic metre capacity

The 1000 Series was designed to have fewer moving parts and be lighter than the original series. It is the newest model of patching machines, is the simplest to use and has very low maintenance costs without the loss of performance. It can be mounted on a trailer or a truck chassis depending on the size of the hopper.

Truck Mounted System

Truck Mounted

Trailer Mounted System

Trailer Mounted

Series 2500 - truck mounted units, 4 to 8 cubic metre capacity

The 2500 Series is designed to be mounted on a truck and ranges between 3-8 cubic metres capacity. Ideal for larger repairs the 2500 series also has the extra option of a spreader box (see below).

SPREADER BOX (optional)

A full width spray bar that sprays emulsion up to 2.4M wide, followed by a layer of aggregate.

Other Optional Extras

  • Air assisted first arm
  • 110/220V overnight heating
  • Split hopper for sand
  • Compactor – 60kg with transport tray fitted
  • Remote camera with LCD monitor
  • Sand bin filler
  • CE Compliance
  • Services of a commissioning engineer (conditions apply)
  • Remote Hydraulic outlet for hydraulic tools
  • Front mounted option
  • Demountable option