Jetpatcher Corporation Ltd. is an established company that has been manufacturing and developing Jetpatcher units, using the Jetpatching process for over 30 years. Initially formed in New Zealand in 1985, and with ongoing development since then, the company was purchased by the UK Distributor in 2016 and manufacture moved to their bespoke premises in England. Since that date machines have been supplied worldwide to customers in South America, USA, Canada, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

We are an honest, reliable and well reputed company that will work with you during the ordering process to ensure the correct machine type and specifications, will keep you informed during the construction and delivery process and are always available for after sales support and service if needed.

We can offer you a superior road maintenance machine that is reliable, cost-effective, is well-proven and produces high-quality, long-lasting repairs.

Please contact us for details of local distributors.