Jetpatcher is the perfect choice for Local Authorities and Tier 1 Contractors

Working with local authorities and contractors across the UK

Whether it’s for sales, long-term lease or short-term hire, Jetpatcher works closely with local authorities and contractors across the UK to help meet the growing challenge of pothole and road-defect repairs.

Our system integrates smoothly into both planned and reactive maintenance programmes and is ideal for ‘find and fix’ campaigns.

A combination of quality and efficiency, lower carbon emissions and greater cost-effectiveness ensure Jetpatcher is a key component of road maintenance strategies UK wide.

Jetpatcher were instrumental in the creation of the BSI’s BS 10947 which states that:

Spray injection patching is suitable for the following treatments: 

  • emergency works
  • temporary patching repairs
  • pre-patching for surface dressing and slurry surfacing
  • localised preventative maintenance
  • permanent patching repairs

Spray injection patching is suitable for the following locations: 

  • permanent patching repairs
  • local and strategic roads
  • hard shoulders
  • motorways –(temporary but can be permanent where located out-with the wheel path)
  • hard running strips – un-trafficked

Advantages of Jetpatching

  • Better looking repairs than traditional methods.
  • The fast repair system employed by Jetpatcher means that staff are less exposed to hazardous traffic flows and safety is enhanced for operators and the public.
  • At the end of a shift any leftover materials in the Jetpatcher can be stored and re-used for other projects.
  • Jetpatcher is simple to operate and has a very low maintenance cost compared to other road repair machinery and competing patching machines.
  • The materials used to repair damaged roads in the Jetpatcher are environmentally friendly and available in every market.

  • It only requires a crew of two, a driver and operator.
  • Minimal preparation to start up for day’s operation. No heating is required.
  • A completely self sufficient unit combining the resources of a truck, liquid emulsion tanker, tar sprayer, roller and compactor.
  • Longer lasting repairs than those achieved using traditional methods because Jetpatcher material is always fresh and sets immediately.
  • Repairs get much better void penetration and a higher density and compaction than rolled asphalt because the Jetpatcher compacts from the bottom up to the surface.
  • Because of the jet air-propelled tack coating penetration, and the liquid nature of the Jetpatcher materials, a much better bond is achieved with the existing road surface.

Sales, Lease and Hire Options

We understand that each client has different requirements. That’s why, when we consult with our clients, we can offer:

  • SALES: Working closely with you throughout the design and development, we will create the prefect, bespoke machine for your requirements, built to fit exactly to your chosen chassis.

  • LEASE: Whatever your needs, for a longer-term solution, our flexible, tailor-made leasing options come with bespoke training programmes and continuous quarterly development.

  • HIRE: Shorter-term arrangements are carried out through our nominated, strategic delivery partner nu-phalt Contracting Ltd. Which includes skilled operators, data capture and full project management.


Jetpatcher uses a simple four stage process

m2 repairs in the UK
m2 repairs worldwide
machines sold worldwide
sold in UK alone